Friday, November 19, 2010

3 Dressers...

Unfortunatly the weather did not want to cooperate yesterday and today, so I was only able to finish 2 custom dining sets (for 2 clients), and these 3 dressers. I know next week is going to be really bad weather so I don't expect to do anything new until after Thanksgiving, but I do have some "before" pictures for anyone looking for something in a custom color. So I will post those in a day or so. So here are the new dressers...


Sorry the dresser above is sold

Sorry the dresser above is sold

Sorry the dresser above is sold now

Keep checking back for some "Before" pictures, and don't forget I can do custom projects. Call me with any questions! See you soon

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  1. Hi there!! I don't know if you remember me, but we had some conversations a few weeks ago about a dining room table for our new home-- we talked about distressing it and some other alternatives to the black? Ring a bell? Anyway.. I just googled this blog address and your other blog came up instead? Interestingly enough, I perused for a second and discovered from your side bar that we have a mutual friend!!! Heidi and Chris! It's a small world I suppose!! Anyways.. again, if you get a kitchen table in that you plan on doing an off white color, please let me know!! I still love the bench look too that comes with it! Thanks!

    -Katie M.