Thursday, November 4, 2010

Finally... Lots of new items, and more to come tomorrow!!!

I got a few items done yesterday, and today. I should have a few more dining sets to list tomorrow as well. Hope you like!
All Items in this posting are sold Sorry

PS, I am going to start posting some "Before" pictures of new items that I pick up, that way if you see something that you like, but want it done in a different color I can customize it for you. And remember I can do any of your awesome pieces of furniture as well. Let me know if you need a quote for an item. All I need are the measurements and a picture of the item. Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. I'm ready when you are to do my table... let me know! Thanks!! Cute stuff btw... I like the desk. too bad I have zero room for anything!!!

  2. I am looking for a counter height dining table that seats at least 6. I saw that you had one not too long ago for $70.00 without chairs but but before I could get to it - you had sold it.
    I am wanting more the two tone black/brown distressed. Something to that style.
    I am wanting a more chunky style of a table. I just moved from Idaho to Riverton and gave my table away so I am in need a one. Looking forward to you upcoming posts. Thanks!
    Cheri Craig (