Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome, Welcome...

Hi, my name is Meggie and I love to find awesome pieces of furniture that may be old, beaten up, or just plain dated and transform them from shabby to chic. I have refinished furniture for myself for quite sometime now, and decided over a year ago to start doing it for other people. Refinishing furniture is a great thrifty way to decorate your house, and have awesome custom pieces of furniture. I would say that 80% of the decor in my own house is all bought from garage sales, Deseret Industries (a local thrift store), and the local online classifieds (KSL). I love love love to get a great deal, and then the satisfaction that comes from all the compliments I get on the uniqueness of my home and decor. Here are a few samples of some of the awesome pieces of furniture I have done. And believe me this is a very small sample, I have sold over 300 items since January of this year.

All Items in this post are sold

I can refinish most any piece of furniture, and I can do some minor repair work on furniture as well. I paint a lot of black and cream pieces, but can custom paint most any color. I also glaze and distress furniture as well. I sell all of the furniture that I refinish on KSL, but will post most of the items on here as well, for those of you who have purchased from me before, and are still looking for unique affordable furniture.


  1. I think your stuff is so cute. I would love a picture of that king bed if you have time Thanks

  2. I am looking for a T.V. stand/entertainment center. Do you have anything like that available right now?