Monday, January 18, 2016

New Items!

Awesome Industrial Light Fixture $60.00 (16Wx18T)


Gorgeous Large Solid Wood White Distressed Broyhill Brand 4 Drawer Dresser/Armoire $250.00 (40Wx22Dx66T)

Side View




2 Large Gorgeous Solid Wood White Distressed Vintage Side Tables with 2 Drawers $200.00 (28Wx26Dx26T)

Close Up

Side View



Gorgeous Lining in Top Drawer

Nice White 6 Drawer Dresser with Mirror $185.00 (Dresser: 51Lx18Dx30T Mirror: 31Wx45T)

Close up of Dresser

Beautiful White 4 Drawer Dresser with Mirror $150.00 (Dresser: 32Wx18Dx30T Mirror: 24Wx35T)

Side View

Close up of Dresser

Adorable Solid Wood Antiqued White Vintage Coffee Table $100.00 (43Lx21Dx18T)

Side View

Inside Cubbies

Antiquing Glaze

Beautiful White 4 Drawer Student Desk $185.00 (44Lx18Dx30T)

Side View


2 Gorgeous Solid Wood Soft White Distressed Twin Headboards $200.00 For the Set (Tall One Stands 48 Tall Shorter One Stands 44.5 Tall) You can see that they are slightly different sizes. I was originally going to cut the other one down to the same height but decided to leave it in case someone wants to add a board across the bottom of the shorter one to make it the taller height. Or you can still cut it down or use them as is. I am willing to sell as a set or individually they are an exact match for whatever reason the person that owned them before we did cut them down.

Tall Sized

Shorter Sized

Gorgeous Details


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